Monday, August 22, 2011

Useful products - The PeeKeeper

Like humans, dogs sometimes have accidents. There are many reasons for this, both physical and behavioural. This useful product called the "PeeKeeper" is a doggie diaper that even Houdini couldn’t escape from. This product is available for both male and female dogs between 5 and 35 pounds.

This product is very useful if you are training:

  • a puppy
  • a recently adopted dog who's never been potty trained (shelter dog, stray)
  • a rescue dog (females that have had many litters have weaker bladders and tend to take longer to train)
  • senior dogs
  • nervous or fearful dogs

Other reasons to use this product would be for:

  • a dog with a medical condition
  • a dog recovering from surgery who cannot walk
  • dogs who gets overexcited in certain situations

In my opinion this is a great product to help you with your dog but should not take the place of walking, training or providing your dog with the proper leadership.

website: (be sure to check out the adorable PeeKeeper dogs on the Photos page)

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