Friday, January 20, 2012

Structure, Safety and Comfort

All dogs need structure, safety and comfort.  Dog beds, crates, houses and gates provide just that. They are useful for us too as training tools, babysitters and provide us with as much comfort as our furry friends.

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, just like our dogs. There are dog beds to suit any dog’s specific needs whether they are physical needs due to arthritis or any joint problem or to accommodate your dog’s personal sleeping habits.  Some dogs love to curl up in a ball while others prefer to stretch out as much as they can.  There are memory foam, heating and cooling beds, pillows, pads, couches, throws, mats and many more.

Dog crates are a must, especially for new puppy owners like me. Many people think crates are cruel and mean but they are not. Crates are a very useful tool for potty training but also provide your dog with a structured and safe environment. Dogs like to feel protected and safe. Your dog’s crate will provide a sense of comfort and a safe haven. And because puppies are especially curious a crate will keep him out of trouble when you aren’t at home or need to keep him contained for a period of time. The earlier you introduce your puppy to a crate, the more he will come to feel secure and enjoy being in it. Never put your dog in his crate with anger or frustration or as a punishment.

Dog Houses
If you have an outdoor dog or a dog that enjoys spending a lot of his time outdoors you should provide him with a dog house. Dog houses provide protection from the weather and will also act as a safe cozy den when he’s ready to take a nap. There are all different shapes, sizes and styles to suit your dog’s size and the environment he lives in.

Dog Gates
Dog gates are an easy and quick way of limiting your dog’s access to an area or room, particularly when you are training him where he can and cannot go. They are portable and easy to set up and remove. This is convenient for moving around the house or even bringing them when you travel or go to someone’s house. There are many styles and colour to match your decor.

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