Monday, November 12, 2012

So you’ve decided you are ready to bring a puppy into your home. You are about to embark on a wonderful journey.

If you are looking at breeders online, it’s so important to be sure that they are reputable and treating your new addition the way they deserve to be treated. The last thing you want to do unknowingly support puppy mills where dogs are treated deplorably and are only seen as money makers. The good news is that there are many breeders who care about their puppies, understand their needs and give them a safe and healthy environment to start their lives. is a veteran owned family business that provides people a worry free way to find those ethical breeders anywhere in the US. They conduct yearly visits to their member breeders to ensure your puppy is brought into the world with the best care. If the breeders don’t meet their Code of Ethics, they will not work with them. It’s that simple.

Are you unsure what breeds would best suit your family? You can talk to one of the puppy consultants to help you find your perfect companion. Or browse through all the breed pages and read specific information about the breed and all the available puppies.

And be sure to read their blog for all kinds of interesting articles.


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