Friday, December 7, 2012

Walk Mindfully Like a Dog

I went to a workshop recently called "Discover the Body-Mind Connection". Many believe that living mindfully affects the body in a positive way. Living mindfully requires being in touch and completely aware of the present moment without judgement.

In today’s world, it’s very common for us to go through life with numerous thoughts going our minds no matter what we are doing. And most of those thoughts are either from the past or for the future. I wonder how many people have really mastered living mindfully.

The good news is that you can start living mindfully at any time.  

How You Can Become More Mindful

There are several techniques to help us achieve a good mind-body connection. 
One of the practices to start being more mindful is to "choose a daily activity in your life where you bring your full awareness and attention". Instantly I knew that walking with my dogs would be my activity of choice. Dogs are the best teachers. They lead by example. So I couldn't think of a better way to honour my dogs than to walk and be in the moment with them, everyday.

Those of us who live with dogs are so lucky to have a constant reminder to live mindfully. All we have to do is to look into those eyes to know there is no better moment to be in than the present one.

Tips for a Mindful Walk

  • Remember to breathe. Be conscious of every breath you take. Breathing deeply will keep you calm which in turn will keep your dog calm.

  • Think of walking with your dog as a privilege, not a chore. You will be more open to experiencing it in a positive way.

  • Learn from your dog. Your dog knows how to completely engage in his walk. His nose, eyes and ears are ready to take it all in to the fullest. Don't walk your dog, walk with your dog.

  • Leave your gadgets at home. Talking on the phone or texting someone will distract you from what is important, you and your dog.

Make it a mindful walk!

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