Sunday, July 28, 2013

Find Dog Stuff

I am passionate about dogs and I love to learn about them and in turn help others to learn about them. The more you know about dogs, the better relationship you'll have with yours.

It's so easy to learn these days, just pick up your device of choice, ask Google a question and voila you have unlimited information at your fingertips. That can be good and bad. It can be challenging to weed through all the information and find what resonates with you.

Find Dog Stuff will help you do just that, find dog stuff. It's for dog lovers and up and coming dog people. There are easy to read articles on subjects such as: how to choose the right breed for you, what you need for your new puppy, practicing leadership, dog behavior, how to choose a good dog sitter, what to expect in the senior years, age related issues, how to tell an illness from an emergency, what items are poisonous to dogs and what are good dog toys. This is the type of information us dog people need to know. No matter how many of us write about these things, it’s always good to explore another’s opinion.

The site is growing so check back often. Be sure to share an article if you like it, either on any social network, by tweeting or emailing it to another dog lover. We can never learn too much about our loyal and loving furry friends.

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