Thursday, August 15, 2013

Useful Product – Etira Pet Dryer

Dogs are funny. Mostly everything they do is the best. Walk time is the best. Dinner time is the best. Play time is the best. Bath time is the best? Well maybe with the new “Etira” pet dryer, it could be.

We dog people know all about getting dirty, don’t we. Over the years we get a lot of bath time with our furry friends.
Now this looks interesting, a dryer made especially for your dog. This product features:
  • Powerful  - it has 4 times the power to dry your dog faster.
  • Quiet – the low-mid decibel frequency sound reduces stress for dogs who are sensitive to noise.
  • Automatic/Hands free – automatically moves up and down to allow for hands free use.
  • Ideal air temperature – optimal temperature (40-45 degrees Celsius) is just warm enough for your pooch but won’t damage her skin.
  • Clean air – the antibiotic filters on both sides provide clean air for both dog and groomer.

Looks like a great investment for groomers and dog lovers.

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