Friday, May 9, 2014

Dog Diaper Hut

Diapers aren't just for human babies anymore. We dog people have discovered they can come in handy for our fur babies too.

A couple of years ago my senior dog Bear developed an abscessed tooth. By the time we discovered it, the infection had affected his kidneys. He was peeing in our house every day. If anyone has gone through that, you know how stressful it can be. I felt bad for him and house smelled of pee, not an easy odour to get rid of. So I did what I thought I’d never do and bought diapers for him. They were very helpful and more useful than putting pee pads all over the house. Luckily once the vet took the nasty tooth out and the infection was cleared with medication, his kidney levels stabilized and he was back to normal.

Senior dogs aren't the only ones that can suffer from temporary or chronic involuntary urination. Dogs of all ages, even puppies can suffer from incontinence for all kinds of different reasons. It can be challenging to determine the cause and whether or not it’s physical or psychological. Your vet can help.

If you ever find yourself in need, the Dog Diaper Hut is your ultimate guide to comparing dog diapers. They include pictures, brand names, size, gender, quality, price and rating. That will help you find the most suitable ones for your dog. I would have liked to have a site like this back when I was in need.

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