Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dog Whisperer Tips

We all wish we were dog whisperers. But sometimes we need help getting there.

Dog Behavior Consultations

Need some help establishing that perfect relationship with your dog? Are you looking for something different than traditional obedience commands? The consultants at Dog Whisperer Tips work with your dog’s natural instincts and never use physical or mental punishment. Consultations are available for residents of Brevard County and the surrounding cities in Eastern Central Florida.

Dog Massage

Is your dog recovering from an injury or suffering from a spinal issue, limping, immobility or muscle atrophy? Massage is different than petting your dog. It can help your dog with many physical and behavioral issues. It improves circulation, releases endorphins, reduces stress and provides wonderful bonding time between human and animal.

Pastel Portraits

An added bonus to all the ways the Dog Whisperer Tips team can help you and your dog; you can capture your furry friend forever with a pastel portrait. One of the behavioral consultants has had her own graphics company and can immortalize your pet from just a clear photo.

Check out all they have to offer!

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