Friday, June 3, 2016

Useful Website - Jug Health and Life Expectancy

Little dogs! They sure are cute aren`t they? This sweetheart is a “Jug”which is a hybrid from the Jack Russell and the Pug family. If you`ve recently adopted a Jug, there are some things to be aware of where their health is concerned.

Jug Dog is a website that goes into extensive detail of all you need to know to take care of your Jug. Don’t let the information scare you, simply use it to be aware of things that could potentially affect your dog in the future.

Every breed has certain issues they are prone to but by no means does it mean it has to affect your dog. Give him or her lots of love, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, socialization and discipline. That is the best medicine for any dog!


  1. Pugs have their paws stucked on a space in my heart and I had a jrt when I was a teen. A jrt mixed with pug is just a cool thing, the pooch is cute. Would you look at those expressive eyes?

    1. I have a two jrt and my brother have a pug. They are the best!

    2. They are, indeed. But knowing dogs, they also have a lot of health issues. My jrt died of old age, he was 15 y/o. It's the best thing to have a company dogs for 15 years. They don't live for long like human but the little time they share with us is so worth it. A big thanks for all the useful information over the internet. I always find it very helpful when reading blog post such as this one I recently read to help with my pug's sensitive stomach.