Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dog First Aid - Cuts and Scrapes

Your dog cries out and is all of sudden limping and bleeding.  What do you do?

The way dogs tear around it’s not a wonder that they sometimes get scraps and cuts. If you have a pet first aid kit it will help make it easier to deal with if the time ever comes.

First, be cautious when examining your dog’s cut. Even the most docile and sweet dogs can react if they are in pain.  If your dog starts lifting his lip when you touch around the area of the wound, it might be a good idea to muzzle him for your own safety.

Now assess the wound(s).

Is the wound a scratch, cut or an open wound?
Is it bleeding?
Is it dirty?
Are there any objects in the wound?

Minor Cuts and Scratches

If the wound is dirty, clean it right away. Once you are ready, wash the wound with a saline solution or antibacterial wash if possible. If you have no cleaning solutions, use warm water with salt.

Once the area is clean you can dry and cover it with a clean cloth or gauze. If you have some anti-bacterial cream or something along those lines dab some on the wound with a cotton ball or a q-tip before you wrap it.

Most minor scratches and cuts will heal on their own with no infection and don’t really require to be wrapped. You may want to trim the fur around the cut so you can keep an eye on it and also to ensure it heals properly.

For open and bleeding wounds, apply pressure using a clean cloth, towel or gauze. Hopefully the bleeding will stop after a few minutes of applying pressure. If not you will have to continue to do so until you get to the vet unless you are able to make a tourniquet. Deep cuts may or may not require stitches; your vet is the best to judge that.

If there is anything embedded in the wound, leave it there and let your vet take care of it. You could do more damage trying to remove it yourself.

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