Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guest Article - Benefits of Dog Beds

For some dog owners, dog beds may seem like an extravagance. After all, most dogs are allowed on the furniture or seem perfectly happy lounging on the floor.  However, there are numerous reasons to purchase a dog bed for your pet, and some of the benefits are described below.

Eases Joint Pain

As dogs age their bones and joints become stiff and sore, just like those of humans.  A comfortable bed is necessary for an aging dog, especially if no longer able to jump onto the bed or furniture.  If you would not want to sleep on the floor when your joints ache, how do you think your dog feels?

Better Rest

If the mattress industry has taught consumers anything, it is that a comfortable mattress is crucial for getting a good night’s rest.  The same is true for our dogs.  A comfortable bed can help ensure our pets sleep through the night without getting up multiple times to switch positions or find a warmer/cooler place in the house.  Not only does your get better rest, but you do as well!

Provides Safe Space

Dogs like to have a space to call their own when the house becomes chaotic.  A dog bed placed in a quiet corner is the perfect solution for pet owners hoping to provide sanctuary to their dogs.

Keeps Dog Off Upholstery

While some owner may believe that a dog covets your favorite spot on the couch because he or she is trying to display dominance over the household, the truth is that your dog is likely choosing that spot because it is most comfortable.  If you provide your pet with a comfortable dog bed of its own, you are less likely to have to fight your dog for space on the bed or couch.

Useful for “Place” Command

Teaching a dog the place command, in which you tell your pet to go to his or her “place” and it is expected to stay there until released, can be made easier when the dog has a comfortable area to practice this drill.

Temperature Regulation

In the cold winter months, dog beds help animals maintain body heat ensuring they stay warm and do not expend extra energy regulating their body temperatures.  In the summer months a cooling bed can help dogs that are prone to overheating by reducing their overall core body temperatures.

Makes Kennel More Comfortable

If your dog sleeps in a kennel at night he or she is prone to developing bed sores at contact points, as well as joint pain and stiffness (especially if your dog is advancing in age).  A kennel mat promotes more restful sleep while making the crate a more comfortable den.


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