Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loose Leash Walking

It's a beautiful thing to see a human and dog walking side by side. Do you ever wonder how they became so in sync? Do you ever wonder what the secret is to loose leash walking?

I think the secret is time, patience and consistency. It's never to late to improve the time you spend walking with your dog.

Why do dogs pull?

Dogs pull when they are excited, to get to smells and sights, to greet dogs and/or humans, to chase a cat or a squirrel, to get to their favourite spot to pee or because they have excess energy to burn.

Before the walk:

Many owners tend to get their dog into an excited state before even leaving the house.  The next time you are going for a walk, try not talking to your dog. Just quietly get ready and go to the door or wherever your dog's leash is. Your dog will still know it's time to go for a walk as whatever routine you have established has not gone unnoticed.

If you have a very high energy dog, you will benefit from playing fetch or doing some other activity that will burn some excess energy before you walk together.

When you are ready and your dog is leashed up, remember to go out the door first. This will help set the tone for your walk.

During the walk:

Try stopping or change direction whenever your dog starts walking in front of you or the leash gets tight. Consistency is the key, your dog will take advantage if you aren't. But if you are consistent, your dog will eventually learn to walk by your side. For younger and higher energy dogs, you can step it up by jogging or even running. The key is to always keep your dog in a follower position, either beside or behind you.

You can still allow your dog to sniff a favourite spot and explore the grass. Just make sure you are the one leading the way to the area.

After the walk:

Just as you did before the walk, lead your dog back into your home.

Enjoy your walk!

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