Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Body Language - The Ears

So many ears! All different shapes and sizes from small and pointy to big and floppy and everything in between.

Like all other body parts of a dog, the ears will indicate the state of mind that a dog is in. And like all other body parts you can tell your dog is relaxed and happy when his ears are in their natural position; whatever that may be.
The following list indicates the position a dog's ears will be depending on his state of mind. Of course some breeds ears are not physically capable of providing as much information as others so you will need to consider the situation, and what the rest of your dog's body is telling you.

  • Alert - ears are raised and will turn towards a sound
  • Aggressive - ears pinned back
  • Anxious - ears partially back
  • Dominant - ears are up and alert
  • Fearful - ears flat back
  • Playful - ears are up
  • Relaxed - ears are in their natural position
  • Submissive - ears are flattened

Are you listening to what your dog's ears are telling you?

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