Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The story of Ringo Dawg

All too often natural disasters leave behind innocent victims
and a countless number of them are dogs. But thankfully there are many heroes that come to the rescue of our canine friends,  the men and women who devote their time to help save these orphaned dogs.

One such orphan was a Golden Retriever called “Ringo”. He was rescued while swimming through hurricane Katrina by the Louisiana State University's Veterinarian Center. He was eventually moved to the east coast of Florida after  he was adopted by Amazon author Deborah Dolen, who lives on the West coast of Florida. But before Ringo could join his new home, hurricane Wilma hit Florida and left the Animal’s Rescue’s without electricity in the entire Fort Lauderdale area.

Deborah Dolen was not able to drive to the Wilma hit area, as was planned, because there were no working gas pumps to get back home.  Deborah Dolen then understood the gravity of the situation, the Lauderdale area would be without power over a month, and enlisted the help of several volunteers.  The effort was to help bring Ringo home via aircraft and drop off supplies to the Wilma hit area since she had an empty plane landing there. From a pilot at Dolphin Aviation, Dan Fleming, to several  companies and including Deborah Dolen herself, many products were donated for ten vet rescue centers in the Wilma hit Lauderdale area.  She will always desire to help out when she can with canine rescue. 

Ringo, once fighting for his life during a hurricane is now in his forever home. Sometimes good things come from bad situations.

See Ringo’s story at http://www.deborahdolen.com/Ringo.htm

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