Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pampered Paw Gifts

We all buy our dogs gifts. Pampered Paw Gifts not only offer unique gift ideas for your pooch, they also give back to numerous organizations that help save animals. They donate a portion of their profits to their local animal organizations.

Having three dogs of my own all from shelters it is so great to know that there are companies out there who care so much about animals.

They believe we can all help and they are right. Here is a list directly from the Pampered Paw Gifts website to show you how easy it can be to help an animal.

Donate items to your local pet rescue or shelter
  • Blankets to use as pet beds
  • New/used leashes, collars, cat and dog toys, crates, training equipment, baby gates, play pens, treats and food, cleaning supplies
Donate money to your local dog rescue or shelter
  • $50 can help spay or neuter a cat or dog
  • Planned giving—leave money to your favorite pet charity in your will
  • Fundraise for a specific shelter by setting up an online fundraising page
Offer Your Professional Services
  • If you’re a trainer, donate time to help with obedience training.
  • If you’re a vet, give a discount for your services for rescued animals.
  • If you’re a groomer, donate your services to pets awaiting adoption.
  • If you’re an event planner, help dog rescue organizations with event coordination and outreach.
  • If you raise livestock, provide access to your flock to train herding dogs!
  • Volunteer your time
Foster a pet
  • Volunteer to transport dogs — to events, to prospective homes, etc.
  • Post flyers for pets awaiting adoption
  • Forward emails to your network of family, friends and colleagues
  • Volunteer at or attend adoption days and events
  • Help bath pets for adoption days
  • Spread the word about pet rescue and pet overpopulation
  • Walk a dog at the shelter or play with some toys with a kitty
  • Call an animal shelter or rescue — ask at your local shelter how you can help.
Take action
Suspect a dog is being neglected or abused? Report it! Trust me you can make a difference, I have and it is so rewarding!
Make a difference http://www.pet-abuse.com
Sponsor a Dog
  • Contact a shelter to learn about pets in need
  • Choose a cat or dog to help and learn that kitties or doggies' story
  • Set up a personal fundraising page for that cat or dog using firstgiving.com
  • Send that page to all your friends and ask them to keep forwarding
  • With a little help from your friends you can help pay for an expensive surgery that might not have taken place without your efforts
Help to spread the word by posting the list on your blog or website.  Together we can stop the suffering of innocent animals everywhere.


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