Friday, March 9, 2012

Useful gifts and gadgets from Gizoo

Road Refresher

Dogs are not the most dainty when it comes to drinking water. They are in fact, quite the opposite. Now there is a dog water bowl that won’t spill, even in a moving car. This unique bowl for dogs is designed to limit the amount of water your dog can lap up so it’s perfect for even the messiest drinkers. The non-spill design is ideal for home and travel. The floating plate inside will restrict the water flow if moved. And the Velcro base fixes to many surfaces. And if that’s not enough, it comes apart for easy cleaning and simply clicks back together.

CarPet Pet Hair Remover

As dog owners, having hair everywhere in our house and on our clothes is inevitable for most of us. We learn to accept this because we love our dogs. But there is a product to help alleviate this. It’s the CarPet Hair Remover. It has a rubbery surface that is ideal for attracting the hair from surfaces with minimal effort and is easy to clean. Now your guests won’t leave your house with half your pooch on them.

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