Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Allie and Jagger

I've said it before and I’ll say it again, shelter dogs are wonderful! All of my dogs have been adopted from shelters. My life is not complete without a shelter dog (or dogs) in it.

So many people know the joys of adopting shelter animals. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you are making all the difference in a dog’s life when you take him home and give him a second chance to be loved and happy. Many times people feel that they were rescued, not just the dog.

Allie and Jagger’s fur parents know this feeling very well. They adopted Allie, who is 3 years old and Jagger who is 4 years old from BARC Houston Animal Shelter. These two cutie pies are wonderful and have filled their lives with love and laughter; so much that they started promoting #adoptdontshop on Instagram.  Because BARC is required by law to accept all animals into their shelter regardless of the breed, temperament and health conditions, that unfortunately means that they also have perform euthanasia procedures on a daily basis.

Allie and Jagger’s family want to bring attention to this to give all shelter animals an equal chance at a happy life.  Adopt don’t shop!

Here are Allie and Jagger arriving at the park. My heart swells to see the joy in their adorable fur faces.

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