Thursday, June 9, 2016

Useful Website – Pet CPR

We do everything to keep our dogs healthy and safe. We feed them high quality food; give them plenty of exercise and love. We brush their teeth and take them to the vet regularly. But are we prepared to give our dog’s immediate first aid treatment in the event of an emergency?

CPR for pets is gaining in popularity and I can understand why. I am guilty of having no pet CPR knowledge but I am now determined to change that!

Pet First Aid & CPR is a website that offers valuable information on CPR and first aid through written text, images and videos. There is an emergency preparedness kit list that would be extremely beneficial to have ready in the event of a sudden crisis with your pet.

And if you live in the Florida or surrounding areas, you can sign up for classes at any of their offices.

Saving Your Pet with CPR and First Aid


  1. Hi. Nice post. Thanks for the info. As I have two little and cute doggies I am very much worried about their health. I choose the best health product from Posh Puppy Boutique for them which will be better for their health. Keep blogging dear.

  2. I haven't experienced emergency health problems with my dogs but this will probably come in handy when that time comes (crossed fingers hoping not to happen). It is always better to be prepared than to cram when an emergency happens. Would be great if there's an article for emergency first aid for different situations, nonetheless, this is a very helpful and useful post.

    1. Thank you for this great idea! I am going to work on a first aid series.

    2. Good to hear and looking forward to that. :)

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