Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Dog Advertiser

These days everybody can put information on a website or blog. Everyday people, including me have the desire to research and share information and personal experiences. One such example is the “Dog Advertiser”, created by Mark and Pablo after a routine visit to the vet. Their Dachshund/Chihuahua mix Angelo had developed a heart murmur. After seeing a Cardiologist they found themselves and their beloved dog battling heart disease.

During the road to improvement, a deep concern for animal health was born and the wish to give back to the dog community which showed them so much support.

Most of us with pets look to the internet for information, ideas, and natural remedies to help our furry friends. It can be very helpful to know how others deal with different situations and what has and hasn’t worked for them.

Of course I do believe the most important resource we have is our vet. But I also do my own research in addition. I feel it’s my responsibility. And I’m very lucky that my vet has always been very open to me asking questions or sending him articles I’ve read on the internet for his input.

Dog Advertiser offers numerous videos and articles on health, nutrition and overall wellness. Browse categories such as Diet, Arthritis and Joints, Cardiovascular, Oral Care and Other Health Ailments to get answers to your pet related questions. Can allowing your dog to kiss your face really make you go blind? What foods are being recalled? What are some natural remedies? Can you and your pet share one heart? These and many more questions are answered!


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