Thursday, October 27, 2016

Useful Website - Natural Dog Guide

We all want to be healthy. And these days many of us are going back to basics and leading a more natural lifestyle. Our dogs deserve the same don’t they?

If you are unsure how to start your dog’s journey to a more natural health, the Natural Dog Guide can be a good resource for you. The most common topics are covered and include natural dog care and health information, natural dog food, treats and toys, green cleaning and natural training techniques.

It’s easy for you to help your dog to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • use filtered water;
  • avoid over vaccinating;
  • feed the best diet you can afford;
  • choose a good pro-biotic and digestive enzyme;
  • exercise, exercise, exercise; and
  • avoid toxins.

For more detailed information on each point above, visit the Top Dog Health Tips page.

Have a happier and healthier dog...naturally.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Do you brush your dog’s teeth?

Oral health is just as important for our dogs as it is for us. Did you know that dental disease can lead to problems with your dog’s organs? And in most cases, by the time you find out its too late; the damage has been done.

We brush our own teeth on average 2 to 3 times a day. And yet many people have dogs for years and never brush their teeth. How could a dog possibly have fresh breath!

I admit I have been guilty as the rest, but have recently turned over a new leaf and have been brushing both my dog’s teeth every day for the past several months.

While you may not be able to avoid an extensive teeth cleaning at your vet’s office all together throughout your dog’s life, you can certainly prolong the need for it. And you will be contributing to your dog’s overall health.

So how did I do it?

Here are some tips to help you to make brushing your dog’s teeth an enjoyable habit.
  1. Pick a time of day that you consistently have time.

    After dinner was the perfect time as I always make a tea and relax a little. So I started putting my brushing kit in the same place as I keep my tea to remind myself. Turns out that not only did I start remembering on my own, my dogs got used to the routine and started waiting for me after dinner.

  2. Pick the right toothbrush for you and your dog.

    Not all dog toothbrushes are created equally. Try different kinds to see what feels the best and allows you to brush your dog’s teeth for the longest time. There are some really cool and fancy looking ones but they felt quite awkward to me and kept slipping through my dog’s teeth. I found that a simple brush works best for us. You can also get a finger brush if you prefer.

  3. Make sure your dog likes the flavor of the toothpaste you choose.

    This is very important. If your dog doesn’t like the taste of the toothpaste, he will not be waiting every day for you to brush his teeth. My dogs both love the peanut butter and vanilla ginger flavors. And there are many more to choose from. You will pretty much know the second your dog licks it if he likes it or not. If not, move on. You want your dog on board with this. Never ever use human toothpaste!

  4. Make it fun for you and your dog.

    Okay it’s not going to be as fun as going to the dog park, but a little enthusiasm goes a long way. Get a little goofy and let your dog think this is a great thing to do!
I go over my dog’s teeth twice and then end things with a dab of toothpaste for them just to lick and enjoy. It’s good for them and ends things on a positive note!

Happy brushing!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Qchef Natural Dental Chew

We all know how important dental care is for humans. And our dogs are no exception. A dog’s oral health is easy to overlook. We should be brushing our dog’s teeth everyday but do we?

Since it’s crucial to keep our dog’s teeth and gums clean, there are an abundance of products that complement our efforts to keep our furry friends mouths as healthy as possible.

Qchefs is one such product. Made in Germany, these dental chews were born by combining cottage cheese, buckwheat, rice, coconut oil and rapeseed oil.  They are easy to digest and contain no sugar, gluten, meat, lactose, flavorings, preservatives or additives. Rich is amino acids and vitamins and helps prevent plaque and fight bad breath.

There are four different varieties to choose from. Want to know more? Check out their full story and the FAQ section.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EZHarness by DEXDOG

I have two young stray huskies so I know all about pulling! And I know how challenging and embarrassing it can be to walk a dog with no leash manners.

Dogs pull for all kinds of reasons. Most dogs are cooped up all day building pent up energy while we are out in the world. When they finally get to walk, they are constantly being bombarded with smells, sights and sounds. Stray dogs or dogs that have never been on leash can be extra challenging.

Luckily there are many tools you can use to help achieve loose leash walking. It’s a happier walk for both human and dog when you walk together side by side.

Harnesses have always been a favorite among dog people. But did you know all harnesses are not created equally?

The EZHarness by DEXDOG has been described as “Stylish, Comfortable & Functional”.  Available exclusively through Amazon, this harness comes in several different sizes to accommodate different breeds. Unlike other harnesses this one slips over your dog’s head making it more convenient to use. The chest and should areas are made of mesh to keep your dog more comfortable. And of course safety comes first with reflective threading for added visibility at night. Choose the color of your choice and away you go.

Find them on Facebook for updates, reviews and of course cute dog pictures.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dog First Aid - Cuts and Scrapes

Your dog cries out and is all of sudden limping and bleeding.  What do you do?

The way dogs tear around it’s not a wonder that they sometimes get scraps and cuts. If you have a pet first aid kit it will help make it easier to deal with if the time ever comes.

First, be cautious when examining your dog’s cut. Even the most docile and sweet dogs can react if they are in pain.  If your dog starts lifting his lip when you touch around the area of the wound, it might be a good idea to muzzle him for your own safety.

Now assess the wound(s).

Is the wound a scratch, cut or an open wound?
Is it bleeding?
Is it dirty?
Are there any objects in the wound?

Minor Cuts and Scratches

If the wound is dirty, clean it right away. Once you are ready, wash the wound with a saline solution or antibacterial wash if possible. If you have no cleaning solutions, use warm water with salt.

Once the area is clean you can dry and cover it with a clean cloth or gauze. If you have some anti-bacterial cream or something along those lines dab some on the wound with a cotton ball or a q-tip before you wrap it.

Most minor scratches and cuts will heal on their own with no infection and don’t really require to be wrapped. You may want to trim the fur around the cut so you can keep an eye on it and also to ensure it heals properly.

For open and bleeding wounds, apply pressure using a clean cloth, towel or gauze. Hopefully the bleeding will stop after a few minutes of applying pressure. If not you will have to continue to do so until you get to the vet unless you are able to make a tourniquet. Deep cuts may or may not require stitches; your vet is the best to judge that.

If there is anything embedded in the wound, leave it there and let your vet take care of it. You could do more damage trying to remove it yourself.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016


If our dogs could talk, what do you think they’d say? Yup, more treats please!!!

More treats are just a few clicks away with PAWfectly. This online store has USA made treats and so much more.

There is a large variety of products for all of your dog’s needs. You can easily shop for dry or canned food, supplements and vitamins, treats and chews, toys, training aids, grooming and waste supplies. And it will all be delivered right to your front door.

The folks at PAWfectly have been in pet industry for over 50 years. They don’t sell anything they wouldn’t use themselves.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Dog Advertiser

These days everybody can put information on a website or blog. Everyday people, including me have the desire to research and share information and personal experiences. One such example is the “Dog Advertiser”, created by Mark and Pablo after a routine visit to the vet. Their Dachshund/Chihuahua mix Angelo had developed a heart murmur. After seeing a Cardiologist they found themselves and their beloved dog battling heart disease.

During the road to improvement, a deep concern for animal health was born and the wish to give back to the dog community which showed them so much support.

Most of us with pets look to the internet for information, ideas, and natural remedies to help our furry friends. It can be very helpful to know how others deal with different situations and what has and hasn’t worked for them.

Of course I do believe the most important resource we have is our vet. But I also do my own research in addition. I feel it’s my responsibility. And I’m very lucky that my vet has always been very open to me asking questions or sending him articles I’ve read on the internet for his input.

Dog Advertiser offers numerous videos and articles on health, nutrition and overall wellness. Browse categories such as Diet, Arthritis and Joints, Cardiovascular, Oral Care and Other Health Ailments to get answers to your pet related questions. Can allowing your dog to kiss your face really make you go blind? What foods are being recalled? What are some natural remedies? Can you and your pet share one heart? These and many more questions are answered!