Sunday, March 29, 2015

Helping Shelter Animals

Have you ever wondered how you can help shelter animals? There are many ways you can help.


Do you have room in your heart and home for a shelter animal? If you are able to give a shelter animal a second chance at a great life you will both benefit. Numerous studies say people living with animals are happier and healthier! And you will never find a more loyal companion. Take the time to read the article “Things to Consider BEFORE you get a dog” before making a commitment to a new furry friend. The last thing anyone wants is for you to end up back at a shelter because you didn't realize what you were getting into.

Donate money:

Consider giving a onetime gift or even a small monthly donation. Shelters often run on donations alone. It takes an incredible amount of money to house, feed, provide medical attention and run the facility.

Volunteer your time:

If you have time to donate to the shelter you could apply to:
  • walk dogs
  • clean cages
  • transport animals from other locations
  • take photos of the animals for their website
  • groom (you will have to be a trained groomer)
  • spend time with the animals

Donate items:

Shelters are always in need of the following:
  • clean sheets
  • blankets
  • towels
  • supplies from your pet store (food, collars, leashes, toys, clothing)
Social Media:

Use your social media sites to share posts of adoptable animals, happy tails and fundraiser events.

Take part in a fundraiser:

Do you have technical, organization or marketing skills? Approach your local shelter or visit their website, often the skills or volunteers they need will be posted.

My New Hobby Ends up Helping Shelter Animals

A few months ago I was looking for a new hobby. A friend had been crocheting and posted cute hats on Facebook and I thought it could be an interesting hobby. After practicing for weeks I finally got the hang of it. I wanted to incorporate my love of dogs so I found a free dog paw pattern and tried it. I was going to add paws on everything! Finally the time came to attempt a hat. Once I completed one I added my signature paw on it. Well I haven't looked back since. I've made over 40 hats in all different colors! It's so addictive!

This past National Cupcake Day I had an idea. I would sell my Paw hats in lieu of cupcakes to raise money.  I brought 17 hats to work and to my surprise sold 10 of them! That night I was able to donate $200.00 to a local shelter (I chose the shelter where my current 3 dogs were adopted from). The shelter liked my hats and asked to buy some from me. Of course I said no! I wanted all money from these hats to go back to the shelter so I got busy and donated 20 hats to them a few weeks later. They are currently having a Paw Hat fundraiser where they give away a hat for every $25.00 donation. How cool is that. I had no idea when I chained that first stitch that this would turn into something so amazing.

Now I'm "hooked" on helping shelter animals!!!

So get creative and help shelter animals! It feels so good. Read my tribute to Shelter Dogs.

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